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Checking speed of SV/SM transfer filer to filer


Hi Folks


Was wondering if someone can advise on a bit of an issue we are having at the moment.


We have 2 filers based on Data ONTAP 8.2.1 7 mode and our FAS8020 performs SV/SM over to our DR site throughout the day to a FAS2240-4.


Noticed recently that our VSC jobs, SM and SV are transferring at a slower rate than usual I believe. I am not 100% as I can't perform any diagnostics.


Are there any tools/Reports that I can run which will tell me what sort of speed of transfer is occuring on my jobs or perform a trend to see what the speed was a few weeks ago compared to the present day?


I am aware that as its peforming delta changes the size of transfers could vary drastically but I am also aware that our volumes shouldnt change that much, from what I can see the amount being transferred is what I would expect, the only difference is the speed of the transfer.


If it helps I can post some of the config files to show our current config.


Many Thanks in advance



Finally I could see the link. Thanks. With few refresh , the link got enabled. Strange. But thanks.


Sorry but still no luck.

Hence I asked for direct link. Could you please?




I am extremely sorry for posting off the topic message here. But I am new the community and do not know absolutely how I can post a new question here. I simly could not find the new message link.

Can anyone give me the link to it?

Sorry once again.



- Admin


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