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Is there anybody out there who had tried to clone a single cluster (HA-Pair) from a "configuration backup file"?

Did it work?


It would be great if it worked since I'm about to install several systems that are identical and standalone, so "cloning" by taking the configurations file from one (working) system and install the other systems would be a nice solution 🙂




Re: Clone cluster



i have not tested it. and i see no one replied yet - so i'll just share my approach to the task


I think that to be more version and platform compatible friendly, allow changes & re-deploy later in time and to document better the environment  . woulden't it be much nicer to just have a file with all the commands required for the configurations? i was thinking shell commands. but if you already have the configuration  you can use scripts to export and re-import certain configuration. here's a good examples:




If you want to go one step further. (and i didin't try it) configuration management such ansible do it in more structured way and can maybe help you manage the rest of your environment (servers, computers) to be consistent. i think also on personal level - experience with Ansible is a big requirements today in the job market.





Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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