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ONTAP Discussions

UPN (user principal name) login does not work after migration to Clustered Ontap 8.2.2


We just did a migration from Data Ontap 8.2 7 mode to Clustered mode 8.2.2 for our Cifs protocol volumes.


Users from outside the domain where authenticated with their UPN ""


After the migration with the 7-mode migration tool to clustered Ontap Cifs, users who are outside the domain, for example with an Ipad, they cannot login with their UPN anymore.

They can login with \domainname\username.


Users who are inside our Domain network for example a workstation which is a domainmember can login with their UPN.


Any thoughts on this?



Hi Tomas,


This is neto from Brazil


How are you?


Did you collect any trace that we could take a look? Do you have a Support Case open?


My thoughts are:


Do me a simple test, do you have a workstation (Windows for example) that is outside the domain? Could you please try to logon using UPN? 


and please collect a trace and we could check.


Also collect the same trace using a workstation (windows) that is inside the domain.


I believe we could check and analyse the differences over there.






similar issue here


we have a different UPN than domain name. If users try to authenticate with it fails. Authentication with domain\username works fine. On Oncommand, i get the following Error:

secd.cifsAuth.problem: vserver (fsxxx15) General CIFS authentication problem. Error: User authentication procedure failed CIFS SMB2 Share mapping - Client Ip = [ 14] User '\user' authenticated using NTLMv2 security **[ 14] FAILURE: Unsupported Windows domain name 'fancydomainName' [ 14] CIFS authentication failed [ 15] Using a cached connection to dcxxx [ 21] Unable to find the NetBIOS domain name for Active Directory 'fancyDomainName' [ 21] Unsupported Windows domain name 'fancyDomainName"


Any Idea, how I can tell my Netapp, that domainname is domain and fancyDomainName is just a UPN? "fancyDomainName" shoud get translated to "Domain"




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