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Cluster Management IP address on FAS 8040 8.2 CDOT



I am doing my first CDOT install and I am confused over how to assign the Cluster Management IP address.


Here is what I have:


eom                  10.18.8.x ------- this appears as node- managment when I do network port show

e0a and e0c     These are used as the cluster network (switchless two node cluster) they show up at two 169.254.x.x ip addresses

e0b and e0d     are in ifgrp 0a0 and I intend this interface to be my data network


I want to assign the cluster management IP to the 0a0 if grp and make it 10.18.8.x but in the network management manual it says

that the cluster management IP cannot be on a vlan.  Maybe I don't understand that correctly?


So does anyone have a suggestion for assigning the cluster management IP --- should I try to run a cable from the eoi port ? 


Any help is appreciated.







@NEWNETAPP987 wrote:the network management manual it says

that the cluster management IP cannot be on a vlan.

No, it does not say it. It says that you cannot configure VLAN on port with cluster management role but this makes no sense - such role does not exist; this is most likely leftover from earlier versions. You can configure cluster management LIF on either data port or node management port. Usually it is configured on node management ports to cleanly separate management from data.

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