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Compatibility of OnTap 8.0.2P4 with NDMP V4 and LTO-6


Hi Team,


We are going to configure NDMP backup of our volumes using Backup exec 2014 and i would like to know if our current version of Ontap 8.0.2P4 is supports NDMP v4 and LTO -6


In detail :-


Backup exec :- 2014 ( My Backup exec Supports NDMP V4 )


OnTap Version :- 8.0.2


HP tape Autoloader 6250 :- LTO-6


Please let me know if i can proceed with above without upgrading my OnTap version, As we are already planning for a Head Swap from FAS 3210 to FAS 8040 in the mid of this year month , So i think i will perform upgrade if at all it is compulsory.








The ndmp version command displays the highest version of NDMP that the storage system is currently set to use.
Controller> ndmpd version
ndmpd highest version set to: 4

Data ONTAP provides full support for NDMP versions 2, 3, and 4. Data ONTAP is shipped with the
NDMP version set to 4, as both the default version and the maximum version. The storage system
and the backup application must agree on a version of NDMP to be used for each NDMP session.


You can also refer DataONTAP 8.0. 7-Mode Data protection and Tape backup & Recovery Guide for more details,





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I can see from the Backup Exec Hardware Compatibility list ( HCL ) NDMP V4 is Supported with 8.0 ( 7-mode )


Reference :- http://www.symantec.com/business/support/library/BUSINESS/xCL/TECH214803/be_2014_hcl.pdf ( Look for the NDMP Platforms Section ) 


Now i need to know if LTO-6 is supported with Ontap Version 8.0.2P4


But i feel it will be more generic if i see it from a Netapp Document, Please share if anybody has a doc saying NDMP V4 is supported.


IBM ULTRIUM-TD6 (LTO-6) is supported on Data ONTAP 8.0.2 7-Mode.

For compatibility matrix you can refer IMT tool,





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