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Complex set of Export Rules


I inherited a two site NetApp cluster when I joined my current company.  The current Export Policies seem redundant and unnecessary.  I like things clean.


The first Rule contains a clientmatch of with all protocals selected, and all access checked, plus "Allow Superuser access".  To me this is all we should need and this thing would be running wide open.


But there are additional indexes with other clientmatch IPs (like 15 of these) with the exact same settings.  To me these additional indexes are unecessary and redundant.  We are having some intermittant issues with CIFS shares where the client can't find the network path.  My theory is these extra indexes could be causing more work for the NetApp and could be part of are problem.  Is there any reason to keep these indexes?


Sorry for the newbie question.



Path not found is a DNS issue. If your end users aren't using FQDN's, have them start using the FQDN. I have seen this quite a bit recently for our users as well.


Regarding the export policies, yes, the first rule is wide open. The extra policies very likely aren't doing anything since the rules are applied in order of rule index.