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"snapmirror list-destinations" does not show recently created SnapVault relationships


I am working with a customer that has three sites.  Two are Snapmirrored hot/cold (A/B) and the third is a Snapvault destination (C).  They want to be able to failover from A to B, reverse the Snapmirror to go from B to A, and then re-source the Snapvault to pull from the new prod data center (in this case, B).

After doing the failover, I


  1. Delete the Snapvault relationship
  2. Release it from the original source
  3. Create a new relationship from the new prod data center
  4. Resync the Snapvault

Once I do all of this, I can look at the Snapmirror relationships on the destinations and they appear as expected.  I can run updates with no problem.  But, if I run "snapmirror list-destinations" from the new source (B), it shows ONLY the Snapmirror relationships, and not the Snapvaults.  Is this a bug?  Does it just take time for the source to update from the destination?  I've waited over an hour, but the list-destinations is still not showing the Snapvaults.

All three sites are on OnTap 9.0P2.





The snapmirror show command will display values only for the following fields for relationships with "Relationship Capability" of "Pre 8.2", when run on the source cluster of a cross-cluster relationship: source-path, source-cluster, source-vserver, source-volume, destination-path, destination-cluster, destination-vserver, destination-volume, type, status, state, is-constituent, relationship-capability. You must issue the snapmirror show command on the destination cluster to have complete information about SnapMirror relationships.


Click Here for more info.


I did not find the above restrictions in Ontap 9.0 Documentation.


Thanks, Robin.  The relationship capability is "8.2 and above".  Since I posted this yesterday, the Snapvault relationships are now showing up when I run the list-destinations.  So, it took several hours for the source to get updated to what was happening on the destination.  I wonder what updates this information, and whether or not I can force a manual update?

This is what I am seeing.  The XDP relationships on "source-cluster-01" are the ones that were not showing up yesterday.


source-cluster-01::> snapmirror list-destinations -source-volume Volume*
Source Destination Transfer Last
Path Type Path Status Progress Updated
----------- ----- ------------ ------- --------- ------------
SOURCE_SVM:Volume  XDP SV_SVM:Volume_SV Idle - -
                   DP SM_SVM:Volume Idle - -
SOURCE_SVM:Volume1 DP SM_SVM:Volume1 Idle - -
                   XDP SV_SVM:Volume1_SV Idle - -
4 entries were displayed.



snapvault-cluster-01::> snapmirror show -destination-path SV_SVM:Volume* -fields type,destination-path,state,status,total-progress,healthy,policy,schedule


source-path destination-path type schedule policy state status total-progress healthy
----------------- -------------------- ---- -------- ------------ ------------ ------ -------------- -------
SOURCE_SVM:Volume SV_SVM:Volume_SV XDP daily 30Day_SV Snapmirrored Idle - true
SOURCE_SVM:Volume1 SV_SVM:Volume1_SV XDP daily 30Day_SV Snapmirrored Idle - true
2 entries were displayed.



snapvault-cluster-01::> snapmirror show -destination-path SV_SVM:Volume_SV -instance

Source Path: SOURCE_SVM:Volume
Destination Path: SV_SVM:Volume_SV
Relationship Type: XDP
Relationship Group Type: none
SnapMirror Schedule: daily
SnapMirror Policy Type: vault
SnapMirror Policy: 30Day_SV
Tries Limit: -
Throttle (KB/sec): unlimited
Mirror State: Snapmirrored
Relationship Status: Idle
File Restore File Count: -
File Restore File List: -
Transfer Snapshot: -
Snapshot Progress: -
Total Progress: -
Network Compression Ratio: -
Snapshot Checkpoint: -
Newest Snapshot: daily.2017-04-11_0010
Newest Snapshot Timestamp: 04/11 00:10:00
Exported Snapshot: daily.2017-04-11_0010
Exported Snapshot Timestamp: 04/11 00:10:00
Healthy: true
Unhealthy Reason: -
Constituent Relationship: false
Destination Volume Node: snapvault-cluster-01-01
Relationship ID: ####################
Current Operation ID: -
Transfer Type: -
Transfer Error: -
Current Throttle: -
Current Transfer Priority: -
Last Transfer Type: update
Last Transfer Error: -
Last Transfer Size: 14.81KB
Last Transfer Network Compression Ratio: 1:1
Last Transfer Duration: 0:17:7
Last Transfer From: SOURCE_SVM:Volume
Last Transfer End Timestamp: 04/11 00:32:07
Progress Last Updated: -
Relationship Capability: 8.2 and above
Lag Time: 10:16:18
Identity Preserve Vserver DR: -
Volume MSIDs Preserved: -
Number of Successful Updates: 4
Number of Failed Updates: 0
Number of Successful Resyncs: 1
Number of Failed Resyncs: 0
Number of Successful Breaks: 0
Number of Failed Breaks: 0
Total Transfer Bytes: 15168
Total Transfer Time in Seconds: 1029


Some of the SnapMirror relationship information is cached. The snapmirror show command only returns the cached information, therefore there is a delay after the information is changed before it is reflected in the snapmirror show output. Other information, such as progress metrics during a transfer, is only updated periodically and can be very delayed in the snapmirror show output.


I don't know there is any way to force them to update faster. I'll look around. 

If i find anything ill post here.




Thanks, Robin.  This is affecting our failover process, so I opened a ticket for it.  If I get any definitive answers back from the ticket, I'll post them here.


Hi Jim,


Have you looked what happens when you use SVM_DR to replicate between A and B?

If you use personality preserve, you should be able to keep XDP alive when you failover.

I'll be honest, havent tested it myself, but that might be a better solution.




SVM_DR is definitely on our radar, but not something we can switch to quickly.  Depending on what I find out about this issue, though, I may have to start pushing for it sooner rather than later.  Thanks for the suggestion, Xander!



In case anyone else was looking at this:  I worked with support, and we discovered that the "list-destinations" does not update until Snapvault transfers actual changed data.  So, once you change the source of the Snapvault relationship, the new source will not be aware of the relationship unitl a scheduled snapshot is taken and transferred to the destination.  I have not tested this, but support said that if you manually create a snapshot with the same Snapmirror label as the other Snapvault snapshots, then do a Snapmirror update, the relationship will be updated at the source.


Manually adding an additional snapshot would reduce our required snapshot retention, however, so we are still discussing other solutions.



Nothing constructive to add apart from thank you very much! Have been been scracthing my head all afternoon until I read this.


I'm glad to see that I saved at least one person from having to try to figure this out Smiley Happy


Absolutely! The test of creating a 'test snap' with the correct snapvalt snap-label worked btw. i.e. created a snap on the source, ran snapmirror resync (type XDP) from the destination, and was able to see and confirm the relationship via list-destination on the source. Perfect!


Just wish I'd found this discussion earlier.