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Constant changes to OnCommand System Manager disruptive to smooth operations


I'd like to send this to the powers that be in the ONTAP 9.3x product line:


Please stop making these drastic changes to OCSM.


They are disruptive, annoying, and painful.


I like the the tree view on the left in 9.3.  However, many items are not arranged in such manner, case in point, volumes.


When you look at volumes, they display only in the main OCSM frame.  There are no details, or commands available, unless you expand the volume (in the main frame), and then find the small print link at the bottom right of the expanded paragraph, "Show more details".


Then you get a new main frame with commands split between some shortcuts at the top left, and a menu at the top right.


And if you try to view volume info quickly, this arrangement will not allow it.  You must go back to the tree view and start over.



I forgot to mention the changes in the Protection.


You can no longer select your destination aggregate, and the XDP volume scheme has been changed.


I don't have the luxury of lots of space on my DR/Backups arrays.  I need to fit them in, but obviously I can't.


Of course, I've has one person say, use the CLI;  That is a cop-out.  There is no reason that an update removes functionality that was there before.  This is unforgivable, and only serves to further the frustration of users with ONTAP.


My suggestion is that NetApp needs to have a PM for OCSM, whose role would be to make sure functionality is not lost in updates.  Also UI changes should only be made when they benefit ONTAP operations, not when they detract from them.