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Convert SnapMirror to Mirror + Vault



We are on cdot 9.3 and are looking to possibly convert some of our SnapMirror jobs to Mirror + Vault jobs. Can they be easily converted? Just to clarify, I'm not referring to converting DP to XDP. These jobs are already XDP. I'm talking about taking XDP SnapMirror jobs and converting them to Mirror + Vault. Only purpose would be to possibly archive some of the snapshots longer than we currently do. I would still want to be able to activate the destination volumes in a disaster. Thanks in advance for your help!



As the underneath replication engine in your case is already  XDP, I think edit/modify existing policy-type to MirrorAndVault should not be an issue, but I am not sure 100%. You can always test one.


  • SnapMirror invoked in DP mode uses version-dependent replication engine = ONTAP version
    is required to be the same on primary and secondary (or higher) storage.


  • SnapMirror invoked in XDP mode used a version-flexible replication engine = Supports different ONTAP versions on primary and secondary storage

Starting with ONTAP 9.3, XDP mode has been made the new default.

-type (Relation type) = XDP [Previously DP]
-Policy-type = async-mirror,vault,MirrorAndVault
-Policy = can be :

a) MirrorAllSnapshots = DR
b) XDPDefault = SnapVault
c) MirrorAndVault = Unified [Mirror + Vault]



This command will tell us the type,policy-type and policy info:


SANCL1::> snapmirror show -fields type,policy,policy-type


This is just an example [on 9.1]: Hence, this will differ from you.

                                    Type     Policy              policy-type
x:nfs1 y:nfs_dr1 DP      DPDefault                    async-mirror
x:nfs2 y:nfs_dr2 DP       MirrorAllSnapshots  async-mirror
x:nfs3 y:nfs_dr3 XDP     XDPDefault                 vault

Can we know the output of the above command ?


Thanks for the reply! We have hundreds of jobs but they are all set to the same policy, which is a custom version of the standard XDP policy + compression. I will definitely test the ability to switch, just wanted to see if someone knew in advance!


Thanks for the feedback. As the underline engine is XDP, switch should work ideally. Please test it once. If anyone else had already done it, please do let us know.