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Correct process of removing volume from Aggregate when no longer needed?

Hi All


Just a quick question about removing snapmirrored/vaulted volumes as I have had an issue in the past and just wanted to confirm the correct steps to be taken.


The previous issue I had was related to deleting a snapvault relationship after clearing an old relationship. This relationship sat on our destination filer and vaults from a snapmirror relationship which is also replicated to this filer. It had originally removed from view but reappeared. When trying to release the relationship I was getting a message saying "no releaseable destination found that matches those parameters".


We have 2 NetApp filers at 2 separate sites, snapmirror occurs on the volumes from Site A to Site B, on Site B we then use SnapVault to a separate volume for retention backups. We are using 7-mode 8.2.3P3 on both filers.


I normally follow the below steps when removing volumes. All of our volumes are fibre channels LUNs presented to VMware for serving datastores to our virtual machines.


  1. Perform VMware tasks such as unmounting and deleting the datastores in the vSphere web client
  2. Break snapmirror relationship for volume being decommissioned by doing a quiesce followed by a break, I normally do this from the source filer. Check relationship is removed from view in Production and DR filers using On command system manager.
  3. On Source NetApp filer, go to LUNs, and offline the LUN in question, followed by deletion of LUN.
  4. On source NetApp filer, go to volumes, offline the volume and then delete the volume.
  5. On destination filer remove any schedules for the snapvault relationship to be removed.
  6. On destination filer stop the related snapvault relationship, followed by release.
  7. Once snapvault relationship deleted, remove snapvault source and destination volume once sufficient snaps have built up by offline LUN, delete LUN, offline volume and delete volume.

Any steps I have missed of any advice if there is a better way to do this would be much appreciated.


Many Thanks in advance for your help.








Re: Correct process of removing volume from Aggregate when no longer needed?

You got pretty much everything covered. but there should be some slight change in order.


Step 2 should be on Destinatin 

Step 6 should be on Source 


quiesce, break, [delete] & release

That mean, step 6 should be just after your step-2


Once remove the snapvault/snapmirror relationship completly, (no relationship reporting between volume from sourse as well as destination cluster)

then only i'll proceed with LUN/volume unmaping, offline and delete process.


This link might help you.





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Re: Correct process of removing volume from Aggregate when no longer needed?

Thank you, this was very useful!

Re: Correct process of removing volume from Aggregate when no longer needed?

Thanks so much am able to make use of it. 


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