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Creating Mount Points in SnapCenter vs. SnapDrive



I need to create new mount points on a Windows Failover Cluster via SnapCenter. Previously I have used SnapDrive for this which was very easy - just create the volume, go through the LUN creation wizard, tell it the mount point you want to create, and it creates it. In SnapCenter, i get the message "Failed - invalid mountpoint <mount_point_path>". Is this something that should in fact be working in SnapCenter and I've just run across a bug, or do I have to manually create the folder that the mount point will attach to ahead of time?



After posting this, I decided to test the process on a standalone server. Although there were different unrelated (and sort of minor) issues, the mount point LUN was created on a standalone server. This makes me wonder if SnapCenter is having trouble finding the mount point host volume. Maybe it can't tell which node in the failover cluster is hosting it. Any ideas?