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Nfs volume mounting issue




I have client machine with linux when I try to mount to nfs volume it give me following error:

Failed, reason given by server: no such file or directory

I checked svm volume settings,  policy, junction all seems good, 




Re: Nfs volume mounting issue

Re: Nfs volume mounting issue

> volume show -vserver DeptA -volume Sales -fields volume, junction-path
vserver  volume    junction-path
-------       ------          -------------
DeptA    Sales         /Sales


on Linux client i can see the volume that mount on ontap as below

$ showmount -e salesStorage
Export list for salesStorage:
/ (everyone)
/Sales (everyone)

Re: Nfs volume mounting issue

I just created one for test purpose, and it just works. So, must be something missing in your config.


[root@redhatcentos7 /]# showmount -e
Export list for
/vol_NFS (everyone)

[root@redhatcentos7 /]# mount -t nfs /mnt/cdot-nfs/
[root@redhatcentos7 /]# cd /mnt/cdot-nfs/


Could you share the export policy for me. Also, could you tell me what is the security policy for the NFS volume and the root volume of the vserver where it is junctioned.

Re: Nfs volume mounting issue

Also, plz share the following:

1) Mount command : How you are mounting.

2) tail -f /var/log/messages

Re: Nfs volume mounting issue

issues has been resolved, I did two things first the file i mount with small letter it should be capital, miss-type(:, another thing is  nfs-common service was dead/mask and has symbolic link to null: /dev/null  so i tried to remove symbolic link and reload daemon to recreate again and it works fine

Thank you for your appreciated time in support

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Re: Nfs volume mounting issue

Well done! Glad you sorted it out.

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