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DF Output - LUNs


I have:


a 7168GB volume - space resv = volume

in that volume, a 5325GB LUN with space resv enabled and frac resv set to 0%


LUN is presented to ESXi and the full capacity is formatted for the datastore


Datastore shows Capacity = 5.20TB


Yet when I run DF I get:


Filesystem                   total   used  avail capacity
/vol/Volume01_vol/          7168GB 3414GB 3753GB      48%
/vol/Volume01_vol/.snapshot     0B  300GB     0B       0%


Why is my USED not 5TB...  I have two other similar vols/LUNs in prod as well yet they are showing the 5TB Used in DF.... what am I missing here?


Filesystem                    total   used  avail capacity
/vol/Volume01_vol/           7168GB 3414GB 3753GB      48%
/vol/Volume01_vol/.snapshot      0B  300GB     0B       0%
/vol/Volume02_vol/           7168GB 5474GB 1693GB      76%
/vol/Volume02_vol/.snapshot      0B  347GB     0B       0%
/vol/Volume03_vol/           7168GB 5140GB 2027GB      72%
/vol/Volume03_vol/.snapshot      0B     0B     0B       0%


Thank you!






Does it maybe have dedup or compression enabled ?  otherwise as long as the LUN have space reservation. i would have the same expectation as you.



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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