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Data Migration Using Snapmirror


Here is the scensario:


Site A (local) = Cluster A (source) and Cluster D

Site B (remote) = Cluster B (destination) and Cluster C (Destination of cascade from Cluster B)


The objective here is to migrate the data (fileshares) from Cluster A to Cluster D and decommison Cluster A and Cluster B. Cluster D will snapmirror to Cluster C


Cluster A is replicating using snapmirror to Cluster B

We added Cluster C in Site B (remote)

We setup a snapmirror cascade from B to C (A-->B--->C)


We now added Cluster D in Site A (local)


We now need to migrate the data from Cluster A to Cluster D.


Cluster C is already caught up. So we can remove Cluster B from the cascade at this point and reseed Cluster A with Cluster C.


Here is the tricky part:


If I setup a new relationship between Cluster A and Cluster D and migrate the data, will snapmirror be smart enought to know that the data residing in CLuster C is the same?

Do I keep the snapmirror job from Cluster A to Cluster C running while migrating the data from Cluster A to Cluster D?


What is the best workflow to acomplsih this data migration?


Thank you for your time!





break the snapmirror from A-->C and do snapmirror resync from D-->C. 

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