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Data Ontap 8.2.x List of all CLI capabilities


Hi all,


I have a request from a customer to create a read-only group. This group is for System Manager, Unified Manager and CLI.

For System Manager et Unified Manager, there's no problem, i have follow this KB




The problem is for the CLI... I can't find nowhere the list of all capabilities for CLI.. I just saw the parent capabilites in the RBAC guide such as cli-vol*,cli-aggr* .. But this capabilites grant the possibilites to manage vol, aggr ... If i only want to list the volume or aggr, i don't know precisely which capability i must set.. I have tried "cli-vol-status" or "cli-vol-show" but none of them exist...


If someone could provide me this list, it will be very helpfull 🙂

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