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Hello Community,


We have NetApp Release 8.1.4P7 7-Mode setup. For our UNIX Home , we have created different Qtrees inside Home Volume. We wish to setup quota for the users belonging to Qtrees. But We wish to setup different quota rules for Users inside single Qtree. In first place , this is possible , thats what I have observed. But I have questions pertaining to this.


Lets take example --> Home Volume -->  App Users Qtree ---> User1 User2 User3 User4 User5 User6

Now I setup 2 GB Hard limit for all the users inside this Qtree as default Quota policy. This works!!

For User2 I setup 4 GB Hard Limit as a separate Quota Rule . This works as well.

But if I try to include more than 1 user inside 1 quota rule lets say  User3 and User4  having 6 GB Hard limit  then the rule thinks that 6 GB has to allocated to both the users in TOTAL. which in first place ,  not the way one normally expects. Instead ...6 GB each should be assigned to both the users. Since we have lot of users where this rule has to be applied, is there alternate way to achieve this?

We can not use group quota policy as groups are common to all users.


Thanx in advance.






"But if I try to include more than 1 user inside 1 quota rule".


Right, you can't do that. Each user in the qtree will need their own quota line for any exceptions from the default.


The other way to do this might be to setup different qtrees with different defaults and place the user into those qtrees based upon their 'quota'


So all the 4GB users go in one qtrees, all the 6GB users in another.....it works, but if users grow over time you'll end up with a lot of rules anyway.....