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Understanding 7-Mode 'license show' command output


What does the "-"/hyphen/dash mean in the Expiration field? How does one determine the current expiration of installed licenses based on this output?


Package           Type    Description           Expiration
----------------- ------- --------------------- --------------------
NFS               license NFS License           -
CIFS              license CIFS License          -
FCP               license FCP License           -
SnapRestore       license SnapRestore License   -
SnapMirror        license SnapMirror License    -
FlexClone         license FlexClone License     -
SnapVault         license SnapVault License     -


These services are currently active and in use yet, the Expiration field doesn't appear to reflect that we are licensed for them. I would expect it to at least say something other than the current output. This is confusing when trying to troubleshoot a potential licensing issue.


Thank you in advance. I greatly appreciate it!


Re: Understanding 7-Mode 'license show' command output



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Those are licenses with no expiration date, hence the blank field.

See also the license command man page https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1511537/html/man1/na_license.1.html

The only time I've seen expiration dates listed is when I've given a customer a temporary demo license for a feature.

We also use temp license keys for lab excercises in the NetApp classes we teach.


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I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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