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Data Ontap SCOM 4.1.1 controller connection failed



I have issue with MP for SCOM 4.1.1 , we are monitoring Netapp 7 with it and cDot Cluster.

Recently I wanted to move monitoring of netapp 7 to dedicated Ops server and now I am not able to properly connect to controllers with task Data ONTAP: Manage Controller Credentials

It was working before so I assume account has what is needed regarding permissions:

login-http-admin, api-iscsi-portal-list-info, api-snmp-get, api-system-get-*, api-lun-map-list-info, api-lun-list-info, api-license-list-info, api-cf-status, api-aggr-options-list-info, api-perf-object-get-instances, api-aggr-list-info, api-snapmirror-get-status, api-qtree-list, api-disk-list-info, api-storage-shelf-list-info, api-snapshot-list-info, api-storage-shelf-environment-list-info, api-quota-report-iter-end, api-ems-autosupport-log, api-quota-report-iter-start, api-quota-report-iter-next, api-lun-get-space-reservation-info, api-volume-options-list-info, api-snapshot-reserve-list-info, api-volume-autosize-get, api-vfiler-list-info, api-volume-list-info

Discovery Task (Data ONTAP: Run Discovery task) ran with predefined Run As Account works with success when forced manually and gives me Event 1070 - Storage discovery succeded. Account also looks good in NetApp Operations Manager. But automatic discovery gives me Event 1022 - Operations Manager could not log into controller XXXXXX. Using the Data ONTAP credentials manager for System Center Operations Manager, check that valid credentials have been entered for this controller, and if "Require HTTPS" is selected, verify that the controller is configured to accept HTTPS connections. Address: XXXXX.

Inside of Data ONTAP credentials manager for System Center Operations Manager i am not able to put credentials for that account because of the error :

=== DETAILS ===
Update controller XXXXXXXXX Failed:
API invoke failed.

Make sure that the storage system is online and http/https is enabled. Make sure that the SCOM Default "Run As" account is configured correctly for the Data ONTAP management server.

Anyone got some ideas ?



We found reason and it was because of MS security patch with lenght of certificate key




After removing this update and restarting server it worked