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De-Duplicating a Syncmirror volume



i have spent a couple of days trawling around a various documents and I am not able to get a definitive answer on this one. Whilst I can find details stating that DeDupe is supported in a Metro Cluster, which in turn pretty much means its almost certainly supported.

But I cant find that killer statement that says "Yes it is" look in this xxx document.

Can anyone confirm that DeDupe is supported when using SyncMirror aggregates? I am not going to deploy a Metro Cluster but i do have some pretty tough recovery requirements so i am considering getting around them by using SyncMirror, this will be a V-Series deployment in a CIFS environment.

The hardware will be V3240AE & V3279AE connected to EVA though supported configurations, though i will only be loading one of the nodes up with data and the other one will be passive waiting to catch a failure.


paul S


Re: De-Duplicating a Syncmirror volume


Hi There,

Where I work we have many metroclusters and we use A-SIS on all CIFS volumes. We have not had any issues with this and have been doing so for over 2 years.

Metrocluster uses SyncMirror so it will be fine.

Re: De-Duplicating a Syncmirror volume



I am also running Metro Cluster and SyncMirror for a client with De-Dupe and there are various TR documents around that state that this is a supported configuration.

So whilst i am 95% or more confident that it will work i need to see a current document that states that this is a supported configuration prior to spending a large wad of cash on both EVA and NetApp controllers.

From an architectural perspective i have to close this gap fully before spending this level of cash. However every doc i have read so far insinuates that its fine, or references Metro Cluster but doesnt actually say that "De-Duplicating a SyncMirror aggregate is suported".

Its just rump covering prior to spending cash

Re: De-Duplicating a Syncmirror volume


There is at least one internal doc I know of that states this is a supported config.  Not sure why this is not covered in our external docs but I will speak to the Marketing folks and try to get this added.  Best bet is to open a support call and have someone from NetApp Support email you to confirm this is supported..

Hope that helps-


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