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Deduplication and Storage vMotion


We are in the process of migrating VMs from our current FAS to a new FAS. Current is running OnTap 8.3.2 and new OnTap 9.1 and volumes are mounted NFSv3.


After migrating a fair number of VMs and enabling efficiency on the new volume, the effiiciency job completed. Hours later and it's still showing 0% savings for the volume.


Is there any way that the deduplication of the VMs could be preserved when performing an svmotion between two separate clusters like this?


Re: Deduplication and Storage vMotion


Hello @bsnyder27,


Unfortunately not without using storage array level replication, like SnapMirror, to move the entire datastore followed by performing a cutover...which is a disruptive operation (the VMs would need to be shutdown, removed from inventory at the old location, then re-added from the new).


Did you enable (post-process) deduplication after the data was added to the volume?  If so you'll need to do


volume efficiency start -vserver <vserver_name> -volume <volume_name> -scan-all

Hope that helps.



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