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"not a directory" when cd to a top level directory in the namespace



Client: CentOS 5.11

NetApp: ONTAP 9.1RC1


I have a Linux client running CentOS 5.11 and I have been able to browse via /net/svm/toplevel_dir/ via automount for some time. However, recently I have been getting 'not a directory' instead when ls or cd any of the directories right below the svm. For example, one of the toplevel directories under the SVM's root is projects:


# ls /net/svm/projects/
ls: /net/svm/projects/: Not a directory


However, it works fine if:


* if  I manually mount svm:/projects on this Linux client


* if I browse from another CentOS 5.11 client with same configurations


The export of "projects" allows r/w for this and other clients and no root squash.


Please let me know if you hav any suggestions on how to fix this.





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