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Deleting Snapmirror Relationship

I'll apologize for a basic question but I'm still pretty new to using ONTAP (training is scheduled for a future date). Trying to move some volumes that are part of snapmirror relationships. I need to move both source and destination on the same respective clusters. Up to this point, I quiesced the snapmirror and then did a snapmirror break, then moved the source volume successfully. 


At this point I'm not sure how to proceed. My plan was to then move the destination volume and then resync (or restore?) the snapmirror relationship. However, it was suggested to me that this can be burdensome (not clear as to why) and it would be easier to rename the existing destination volume, create a new one with the same name and create a new snapmirror relationship with the new volume. Also, if I do this method, can I simply delete the existing snapmirror relationship?


Does anyone have any suggestions? 



Re: Deleting Snapmirror Relationship

ontap 9 (cdot) I assume right?


You are trying to move volumes from within the same cluster?  

Re: Deleting Snapmirror Relationship

yes, ontap 9.3 and yes, moving within the same clusters

Re: Deleting Snapmirror Relationship

I'm not sure why you are breaking mirrors at all. 


within the same cluster, use vol move 

Re: Deleting Snapmirror Relationship

my understanding is if I need to move a volume, I can't do that if it's a destination volume in a snapmirror relationship. are you saying this is not correct? 

Re: Deleting Snapmirror Relationship

That's not correct. use the vol move start command

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