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Disk assignment


I have a 8200 HA cluster running ONTAP 9.1P7 at initial setup. We have three shelves all in the same loop attached to the system. During setup, I have noticed and expected that each controller took ownership of a shelf each. In the past with ONTAP 9.1 the third shelf was always assigned with have the drives going to one node, the other half going to the other node. However, with 9.1P7 I am seeing that the last shelf of disks are not being assigned at all, not even after 10 minutes. Autoassign is enabled by default. I have also noticed that with the 9.1P7 version, during the cluster setup, when adding the second node, it asks for a cluster interace IP and does not automatically see the other node. Is anyone else seeing this behavior or can they explain it? I am more interested in the disk assign piece. 







To make auto-assign work on half-populated shelves, place disks equally on lower half and 6 on far right bays to begin with. That is, 6 disks from bays 0-5 and 6 disks from bays 18-23. After the container disk is assigned in an ADP-configured system, ONTAP's software will handle any partitioning and partition assignments that are required, without user intervention.

Refer http://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.dot-cm-psmg%2FGUID-07302AD3-F820-48F7-BD27-68DB0C2C49B5.html

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Thank you for that information, but the third shelf in question isn't hald populated, it is a full third sheld on a NON-ADP enabled system.