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Monitoring an ONTAP cluster with SNMP


We've recently acquired a NetApp ONTAP 9.3 FAS Hybrid system that we are trying to monitor with our Nagios monitoring system.


SNMP looks like the easiest way to do this.


We've managed to enable SNMP on the system, and I've obtained the relevant MIB. When browsing the MIB, I can see that the metrics I am most interested in are in:






. is CacheAge


However, when querying these OIDs, they don't see to exist on the system. When I do an snmpwalk from the parent OID:


snmpwalk -Os -c public -v 2c <x.x.x.x> .


I see the following stream:


enterprises.789. = INTEGER: 8
enterprises.789. = INTEGER: 1
enterprises.789. = Counter64: 865366553
enterprises.789. = Counter64: 868700321
enterprises.789. = Timeticks: (23697690) 2 days, 17:49:36.90
enterprises.789. = Counter32: 443478
enterprises.789. = Counter32: 346
enterprises.789. = Counter32: 0

The walk jumps from 




skipping all the OIDs I am interested in in between.


Is there something extra I need to do on the system to expose the OIDs I am looking for?

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