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Does anyone have a experience to implement HPUX 11v1 with DOT 8.2?


Hi 🙂


I've been implemeting my customer's Storage DR system for 2weeks, actually i remain a last step of this installation.

A last step of it is data migration to 8020(v8.2.2) from 3040 (v7.3) with snapmirror. However, a major problem of this task that i worried will be occured after migrating data.


According to IMT, 8.2.2 7-mode doesn't support HPUX 11v1 (oops.. I know it's kinda old version). And my customer rep wanna have a NetApp's gurantee of support, when a issue occured after the same service starts with new 8020 system(actually that time, a migration will be finished).


what do i do? Does anyone have a experience to implement HPUX 11v1 with DOT 8.2?


plz let me know.





Are you using SAN or NFS only?

Please check with your local NetApp Sales team/Support to see if there is a possibility of a PVR or a customized support plan.

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