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Events logging & system alerts


Looking for some information on how we can have certain events be sent to an email address.  Currently only email we get is a controller going down when we tested failover/redundnacy.



Can we sort/set certain events or system alerts to be sent via email?  I am guessing from reading that this has to be done via the cli?


Recently we got this a few days ago and feel something like this should be emailed to us.


Event: nvmem.battery.FET.off: The NVMEM battery charge FET is off. To prevent data loss, the system will shut down in 24 hours.



I have read about unified manager but still evaluating other options. 





Re: Events logging & system alerts



As you've picked up - OnCommand Unified Manager is indeed an option for this - our preferred one - but you can configure the system via CLI to send certain event notifications by email.


We have an express guide for ONTAP 9.1 at https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMLP2496248 - this document covers how to configure the alerts.


Using OCUM allows for single pane of glass management of multiple clusters, as well as additional alerting, logging, monitoring and reporting.

Re: Events logging & system alerts



We also had the same event on our AFF300. Ours turned out to be a known issue with the SP firmware, see: False Alert EMS messages concerning NVMEM battery charge levels (https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/ka61A0000008a5FQAQ/False-Alert-EMS-messages-concerning-NVMEM-battery-charge-levels). An upgrade to SP 5.1P1 fixed this for us (ONTAP 9.1).


If you wish to pursue the OCUM route for these EMS alerts, you can see another post that may help if adding additional events to be monitored: http://community.netapp.com/t5/OnCommand-Storage-Management-Software-Discussions/Can-t-Subscribe-to-an-EMS-Event-in-OCUM/m-p/132212#M23992



Re: Events logging & system alerts

Thanks guys.  I did open a case with support and they said the same thing about a false alert.




Re: Events logging & system alerts

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