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FAS 2240-2 with single namespace


We have purchase 2240-2 to replace our old FAS3020. As we were having FAS3020 we had single name (filer1). In many scripts we have hard coded filer name (filer1) and our users are used to access filer with name filer1.

So I am wondering if there is  any way to configure FAS2240-2 with single name(that is filer1) with advantage of HA?

We are using DataONTAP 8.0.2.




Re: FAS 2240-2 with single namespace

In a NetApp HA System, you have two nodes with separate names, thats by design.

You could get around this by deploying Microsoft DFS and integrate the shares into a globalnamespace, but that would still mean some data reorganization to get everything into DFS (depends on the details around your share design today)...

Hope this gives you some idea how the get this solved.


Re: FAS 2240-2 with single namespace

You may use Cluster-mode to have single namespace.

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