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FAS2050 FC connection slow read/write performance


First time touch Netapp device,


Got an old NETAPP FAS2050(ontap 7.3;  14 SAS disks; 2 controlers configured with cluster. ), and one disk Enclosure DS14MK4 (14 FC DISKS). I installed them in home lab.

- 21 disk are configured on AGGR1. (RAID-DP)


When I tested FC link speed (FC connections, 1GB sequence read/write), I only can get 220MBps for data reading, and 75 MBps for writing. I believe The 4GB-FC swithch and servers configuraitons do not have any issue, because I connect to another old brand name SAN, I can get 410MBps for Reading, 405MB for writing).


How can I fix this issue?


Thank you.







Check systconfig-a output to see what are the current speed of all your storage ports. 

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Please see attachment for the FC port Speed configuration Thank you..


Would you run perfstat on controller when workload is active?

And attach zipped file here?


For simpification You can use a Netapp Support tool:


It is my own upload becouse I cant find it on netapp servers.



To: Matysznak


The following devices I used:

- NetAPP FAS2050 box with 14 SAS 15Krpm disks,  2 controllers, 1 Disk Encloure DS14MK4 with 14 FC disks, total 28 disks. 24 disks belong to controller "Master,", 4 disks belong to "Slave,", RAID-DP confgiured on controller "MASTER", cluster for both controller is NOT configured,

- Broacade 4Gps FC switche.

- One vmware Esxi6.0 (One qlogic 2460 HBA with one 4Gbps port) hooks to Broacade switch, 2 SANS (FreeNAS with FC and NetAPP FAS2050) also connect to Broade FC switch, Copied 32 GB vmdk files from FreeNAS to NetAPP FAS2050 in ESXI host data store(operated in vsphere client).

During copying 32 GB vmdk files, I started to run progamm perfstat7 on (I called it "Master"), and g0t the result.

by the way (On FreeNAS 8 disks RAID0, I can get 420MB/s read, 410MB/s Write)

I do not know why the FAS2050 writing speed (90MB/s)and reading speed (200MB/s) are super slow....... Please see the result and advise.


Sucks, looks like a can not upload the zip files (1.1MB) your persoanl email address ?




Probably You can't fix that "issue".

Its very old controller and it is not porformance optimized.


Check sysstat -x 1 and you will see what system componnent is a bootleneck.

 For 95% it is CPU


Sequential workload is always problematic for (entry level) FAS systems.


PS. all disks are 15k?


Yes, All Disks are SAS with 15K/RPM


For the test, I only copy one 15GB VMWARE "VMDK" file to FAS2050, Please see the picture and advise. THANK YOU.