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FAS2554 - Ontap 9.1 - Storage Pool spare question




Given the following system:


- 01 FAS2554 HA
- 20 x 2TB SATA
- 04 x 400GB SSD
- Ontap 9.1


The requirement is that each data aggregate of both nodes will be configured as flashpool aggregate. (2 x aggregates of 9 SATA disks each).


I try the following:


- Assign all 4 SSDs to the 1st controller only. Create 01 storage pool with 3 SSDs leave 1 as spare (done by System Manager - spare reserved by default). The problem is: that spare was not partioned and it is not available to the second controller, only to the first one.


So, is it a best practice creating a storage pool with all 4 SSDs and no spares? (through CLI). I could see that in this way all SSDs are partitioned and assigned equally to both nodes. Any constrains or risk? Additional doubt: is RAID-4 a good choice for SSDs in this case?





Re: FAS2554 - Ontap 9.1 - Storage Pool spare question


If you have 4 SSD for storage-pool

while creating it.. you should leave one as spare.



While you created your spare-pool, all three disk was assigned to one controller

leave the spare on same controller. The spare disk will be partioned and used 

in the event of an SSD fail (which is part of Storage-Pool)

you dont have to manually create the partion on disk.



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