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Move Synchronous SnapMirror source and destination volumes betwen controllers (7-mode)




ONTAP 8.2.4P6 7-mode


I'm adding a new aggregate to the node1 of a Synchronius SnapMirror source and a new aggregate to node1 of a destination array. I want to move Synchronous SnapMirror source and destination volumes from node2 to node1 in each array. What are my other options to minimise downtime please?


This will probably complicate things but the SnapMirror source volumes will also be SnapVault source volumes. I guess I'm going to need a mechanism of migration which preserves the baseline snapshots for SnapMirror and SnapVault.


As an aside, can I use 'vol move' to move Synchronous SnapMirror source and destination volumes to a different aggregate within the same controller, i.e. node1 aggr0 to node1 agg1?



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