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FAS3210 Filer's hostname renaming

Hi All,

I am managing FAS3210 Filer. It serves block level as well as NFS to production servers. we are planning to rename filer's hostname as per new naming convention.

What i need to do proper renaming?

Will renaming require reboot of the filer, changes to take effect?

Will new hostname updated in NetApp support site after rename? or we need to update manually?

Currently this filer under monitoring in DFM server. Do we need to update new hostname in DFM? or will it update hostname itself on next polling cycle?

Please suggest.

DOT: 8.1.3P3 7-Mode


Dhakshinamoorthy Balasubramanian



Re: FAS3210 Filer's hostname renaming

Is this an HA pair?



but if your nfs clients are mapped via hostname, they need to unmount and remount to new name.

Too be honest with you, depending on how critical your environemnt is, bringing down a filer to change the host name, other than just to set it to business naming standard, doesn't add much value.

You have to weigh Risk Factor vs End goal in my opinion...

It can all be done

Re: FAS3210 Filer's hostname renaming

Yes. It is HA pair

Re: FAS3210 Filer's hostname renaming

update rc / hosts / dns

If you are serving cifs or it's part of a domain, drop it to workgroup mode, re-add as new name.

takeover, giveback  

As for DFM, it will pick it up at the next polling cycle..

Re: FAS3210 Filer's hostname renaming

Actually you can change the hostname on the netapp without disruption to nfs clients, and I dont think it disrupts CIFS until you establish a new machine name by rejoining the domain/AD. You need to edit rc hosts files then issue the hostname command --  you do not need to reboot the head (or for that matter issue a takeover/giveback) -- will take the new hostname. The disruption can come when you actually update your external DNS servers. There are tricks you can do  depending on how your clients handle DNS changes. IE changing DNS so future mounts will take on the new hostname etc.

TO note, you can actually change DNS forward/reverse records, and the netapp itself doesn't need to change its own hostname.

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