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options raid.disk.timeout.enable

Can someone tell me what this setting does.  I have read bits and pieces about the setting but nothing as to what its function is exactly.


Re: options raid.disk.timeout.enable

Hi johnhuber,

I think there is no setting like  options raid.disk.timeout.enable (AFAIK)

The options associated with raid.disk are

options raid.disk.background_fw_update.raid4.enable

options raid.disk.copy.auto.enable

options raid.disktype.enable

The nearest one will be the below one.

options raid.timeout

The raid.timeout option controls how long a storage system runs after a RAID group goes into degraded mode or the NVRAM battery malfunctions or loses power. You can change the value of this option.

Refer this doc for the additional info




Re: options raid.disk.timeout.enable

The option is there up until 8.1.1.  It's undocumented though.  Starting from 8.1.2 the option is no longer there, or is otherwise invisible.


san-1els01> version

NetApp Release 8.1.1 7-Mode: Mon Jul 30 12:49:46 PDT 2012

san-1els01> options raid.disk.timeout.enable

raid.disk.timeout.enable     ata@jake,fc,ata@ario,sata,sas,bsas,ssd,fsas (value might be overwritten in takeover)


My best guess is that it's a list of drive types where the raid.timeout is enabled for.  But that's just a WAG.

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Re: options raid.disk.timeout.enable

The setting does exist.  It is a hidden setting, forgot to mention that.  I got an ASUP risk assessment on it and I modified the setting. 


The page above gives a very limited description of the setting and I was looking for more detail on the option.

Re: options raid.disk.timeout.enable

Hmm...got it . Let me check

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