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FAS3220 change dns


hi, everyone:


    Kernel version!NetApp Release 8.2.4P1 7-Mode: Wed Dec 23 18:32:25 PST 2015!

    who can help me ,how  to change the DNS ?  , 

    1、when i change DNS from  WEB GUI, after change DNS,  click confirm, waiting for long long  response, 

    until 24 hours,  always notice  progress of change.

   2、 with the command line , change  DNS,  finish the command ,but  the DNS is always is older DNS  address.


  can anyone help me how to solve the problem ?




Are you trying to change the DNS servers or what are you trying to change? Can you give a sample of the command output you are trying?





Are you ssh'd in to the IP address of the controller or the DNS name? If the DNS name changes, it's possible that may be why. I'm not sure why as we don't have many details here. I'd almost think a video would be helpful. I'd almost wonder if there are any errors logged. Have you checked the EMS or messages file? (rdfile /etc/log/messages I believe or /etc/log/ems, may have to do ls on that directory to see it)

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