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FAS8020_e0M port VLAN tagging


Hi All,


We bought FAS8020 and we are planning to configure VLAN tagging for e0M port. Please check my steps below and let me know if any changes required.


Filer-A> version
NetApp Release 8.2.2P1 7-Mode: Wed Oct 8 00:00:44 PDT 2014


Name: Service Processor


Name: Management

Controller-1 MGMT VLAN:

vlan create e0M 10 20

ifconfig e0M-20 <IP> netmask

Controller-1 SP VLAN:

ifconfig e0M-10 <IP> netmask


Controller-2 MGMT VLAN:

vlan create e0M 10 20

ifconfig e0M-20 <IP> netmask

Controller-2 SP VLAN:

ifconfig e0M-10 <IP> netmask

Dhakshinamoorthy Balasubramanian


Re: FAS8020_e0M port VLAN tagging


Data ONTAP will not allow you tag e0M with a VLAN.


Reference: Data ONTAP® 8.2 Network Management Guide for 7-Mode page 13, What the e0M interface is -> 'It does not support interfacegroups, VLANs, and jumbo frames.'

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Re: FAS8020_e0M port VLAN tagging


Drew has hit it - you can't VLAN the "wrench" port.  What you are trying to accomplish is based on a misunderstanding of what the "wrench" port really is.


The wrench network port on newer controllers is not e0M.  Rather it is literally the "wrench" port.  Internally, there is, for all intents, an Ethernet hub/switch that sits just behind the wrench port.  The hub has three ports - the external wrench uplink port, and internally the SP network port and the e0M management port.  Physically the SP port does not site behind the e0M port - rather they are both connected to the internal hub at the same level.  


So - even if e0M did support VLANs, because the SP port is not behind e0M the strategy you want to implement wouldn't work.


To accomplish the same goal, if you need the SP and "management" connections in separate VLANs, may I suggest that you use the wrench port only for SP connectivity and then assign the wrench port to a specfic VLAN at your network switch.  Then, define one of the other network interfaces available (whether e0a, e0b, or if you are port channeling those together perhaps "a0a" or another group name) as a trunk and add your management VLAN and a logical network interface to that trunk.  Define your management network interface through the VLAN on that logicial interface.


Works well in both 7-mode and Clustered DoT if you head that route in the future.  Of course the other option is to just let the SP and e0M live in the same VLAN.





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