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Fabricpool Target filling up


What happens to fabricpool processes when a FP target (such as a Storagegrid Object Store) fills up?

Ignore the fact that the StorageGrid will alert and let us know, that is a separate concern. What I am interested is what happens the internals of Fabricpool? Does it simply stop adding cold blocks to the archive? Doers it alert? Thank you.


Re: Fabricpool Target filling up


Hello Apw,


It depends on how the target storage also referred to as the "capacity tier" or "cloud tier" or "cold storage" responds back to ONTAP when trying to retrieve the cold storage. It is common that the "cold storage" takes its volumes offline when it is full, resulting in ONTAP generating an error in EMS stating "object store unavailable." In most situations, the sessions will automatically re-establish once the "cold storage" is back up and running. 


Here is a KB for your reference:  KB: Object store unavailable briefly 





Team NetApp

Team NetApp

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Re: Fabricpool Target filling up


Thanks guys. The KB Link is not customer accessible by the way.

I'm not sure how StorageGrid reacts to a full scenario, I can't imagine it will put the target offline, I think that more applies to a Netapp LUN perhaps. I should try some testing! 


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