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NetApp VAAI ESXi 7.0



does anyone have already ESXi 7.0 up and running and can approve that VAAI is working?

In our Setup we get this not running.


Re: NetApp VAAI ESXi 7.0



It could be just incompatibility.


NetApp Interoperability site says : Maximum supported ESXi version is '6.7 Update 3' for VAAI Plug-in specifically.


Screenshot attached.


You may also verify:





Re: NetApp VAAI ESXi 7.0

Let me start off with saying: Always check the IMT for supported configurations!


I did a quick test this AM. I have a single-node FAS2650 here. ONTAP 9.7P2.

Created /vmware, exported to - NFS - RW/any - RO/ANY - Allow SuperUser

Enable NFS vstorage on SVM


On my PC, installed ESXi 7.0 under Workstation Pro and installed the NetApp VIB. 

Note: installing the VIB file did not work (it hung for way too long). Installing the ZIP version seemed to work:

[root@Host000c29c8a000:/tmp] esxcli software vib install -n NetAppNasPlugin -d file:///tmp/NetAppNasPlugin.v23.zip
Installation Result
Message: The update completed successfully, but the system needs to be rebooted for the changes to be effective.
Reboot Required: true
VIBs Installed: NetApp_bootbank_NetAppNasPlugin_1.1.2-3
VIBs Removed:
VIBs Skipped:

Rebooted and mounted the /vmware exported volume above:

[root@Host000c29c8a000:~] esxcli storage nfs add -H -s /vmware -v vmware

[root@Host000c29c8a000:~] esxcli storage nfs list
Volume Name Host Share Accessible Mounted Read-Only isPE Hardware Acceleration
----------- ------------ ------- ---------- ------- --------- ----- ---------------------
vmware /vmware true true false false Supported

[root@Host000c29c8a000:~] vmkfstools -Ph /vmfs/volumes/vmware/
NFS-1.00 (Raw Major Version: 0) file system spanning 1 partitions.
File system label (if any): vmware
Mode: public
Capacity 200 GB, 200 GB available, file block size 4 KB, max supported file size 16.0 TB
Disk Block Size: 512/512/0
UUID: aee4ad33-6d95bbba-0000-000000000000
Partitions spanned (on "notDCS"):
NAS VAAI Supported: YES
Is Native Snapshot Capable: YES


So, the question of, will it work seems to be yes, on the surface anyway. Is it supported Not yet according the NetApp IMT as already indicated.

The big fat question is: Did anything change in version 7.0 to warrant an update to the NetApp VIB for VAAI. We will likely need wait and see.


Would I be running 7.0 in production with NetApp and NFS? probably not yet if I wanted VAAI. I mean...it just came out!

I understand wanting to play with all the new shiny things. But leave that for the testbed/non-prod areas.


Re: NetApp VAAI ESXi 7.0

Looking compatibility matrix at VMware site I found this, but you are right, the vib is not installing out of the box in esxi 7.0, I think NetApp should release an updated plugin for 7.0

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 9.11.43 PM.png

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