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After Initialization of process disk left behind, not zeroed issue.


Hi guys.


When I did a BROADCAST DOAMIN SHOW on the AFF-A220 device, the E0A, E0B port of the CLUSTER was output as ERROR:DETAILS NOTAVAILABLE




so i do Initialization of process. after initialization. I try create aggregate and creation is failed.




Device is AFF-A220 and firmware is ONTAP 9.8P1.

ADP is on and there is 960gb ssd * 12E/A in the hardware.


what should i do?






A couple things


 first try and reboot the service processor


 If that doesn’t work, try taking  over node two while logged into the service processor on node two and interrupt the Auto boot. Then break back to the service processor and do a “system power cycle” and let the node reboot

I’ve had issues where I had to reboot the node


 lastly, make sure the service processor firmware is up to date! 


Check the cluster health:



rows 0

set -privilege advanced


(the 4 commands below should show health status):

net port show -port e0a

net port show -port e0b

node show

cluster show


(check the transition number - the number on the unit name should be the same on both nodes):

cluster ring show


(verifies connectivity) :

cluster ping-cluster -node prvmst-01

cluster ping-cluster -node prvmst-02