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Fail NDMPCOPY with return code when the estimated space on destination is insufficient?




We run into insufficient space for ndmpcopy destination once in a while. When it happens, ndmpcopy record in the log like:


Ndmpcopy: filer Log: RESTORE: We recommend that 132 inodes and 753847928 kbytes of disk space be available on the target volume in order to restore this dump.
         You have 31876592 inodes and 648065184 kbytes of disk space on volume /vol/vol1
Ndmpcopy: filer: Log: RESTORE: This restore will proceed, but may fail when it runs out of inodes and/or disk space on this volume.


and it proceeds anyway. Is there anyway to tell it to fail with a return status code and stop proceeding? It does not make sense if ndmpcopy suspects the destination does not have enough space but still moves forward.



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