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Failed Disk Registry information ?


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I often use the Failed Disk Registry when replacing disks on a NetApp system, and I simple unpack the .7z file which is emailed via the autosupport feature.

If you unpack the attached file, you will find a file called "FAILED-DISK-REGISTRY.txt" which contains all the failed disks in the controllers lifetime.


I think that in the earlier 6.x versions this information was avaliable from the commandline, either via a command, or by reading a file with rdfile in /vol0/etc/...


But I have been looking for both a command and a file in /etc/ and cannot find it...  does anyone know if it is possible to get this information on 7-mode/cDot systems ?


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FDR information is available using diag level commands. As usual, you are advised to contact support if you want to use them.

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Provide command to check FDR in diag mode.

found the command - you have to do it in set diag priveledge mode -  system node run -node * -command raid_config info showfdr