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False positive in log: vsdr.rootvol.has.data


Hi , has anyone seen this before? 

the error vsdr.rootvol.has.data is generated every few minutes for some svm's: Vserver svm01 has data in the root volume. Vserver DR does not protect data in the root volume. I checked the root vol of those svm's via cifs, and there is nothing in there besides shares. There are a lot of shares though, about 1800. Perhaps the pointer files themselves take up too much space? Does anyone know how the system detects that there is data on the root volume?

Here is the space used by a root volume:

volume show-space -vserver svm01 -volume svm01_root

Vserver: uzsvm01
Volume Name: svm01_root
Volume MSID: 2148629449
Volume DSID: 1026
Vserver UUID: x
Aggregate Name: x
Aggregate UUID: x
Hostname: x
User Data: 64KB
User Data Percent: 0%
Deduplication: -
Deduplication Percent: -
Temporary Deduplication: -
Temporary Deduplication Percent: -
Filesystem Metadata: 820KB
Filesystem Metadata Percent: 0%
SnapMirror Metadata: -
SnapMirror Metadata Percent: -
Tape Backup Metadata: -
Tape Backup Metadata Percent: -
Quota Metadata: -
Quota Metadata Percent: -
Inodes: 80KB
Inodes Percent: 0%
Inodes Upgrade: -
Inodes Upgrade Percent: -
Snapshot Reserve: 51.20MB
Snapshot Reserve Percent: 5%
Snapshot Reserve Unusable: -
Snapshot Reserve Unusable Percent: -
Snapshot Spill: -
Snapshot Spill Percent: -
Performance Metadata: 9.28MB
Performance Metadata Percent: 1%
Total Used: 61.42MB
Total Used Percent: 6%
Total Physical Used Size: 29.95MB
Physical Used Percentage: 3%





Re: False positive in log: vsdr.rootvol.has.data


There is a BUG for this as listed below;




These messages can safely be ignored if there is not any user data in the root volume.

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