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Federation or live migration



Even though netapp has a way to migrate from any platform to any platform using snapmirror it’s not total non disruptive . Even though the disruption is for few sec/min it’s still disruption. Even if we join the nodes into the cluster and vol move without disruption we can’t split the cluster with both clusters serving data for different clients. Is NetApp working on any new technology that would solve this challenge?





Re: Federation or live migration

Typically migrating snapmirrors like that you're moving CIFS/NFS traffic.   The cut over gives you time to re IP things, etc.  

Moving VMware workloads you typically just do a storage vmotion and you can do that between two seperate clusters. 


But i'm betting there is something eventually coming down the pipe (if not already) that you can do what you're asking with SnapMirror Synchronous. 

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