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Files from snapmirror destination failed to mount access denied


Hello Guys


During our Backup consolidation project We noticed the "showstopper". The point for our test is to avoid to touch production data, so we are testing data/files from snapmirror destination volume. But some files within snapmirror destination volume respond as access denied. I'm wondering data on snapmirror destination are read only so it shoud not be an issue to read the data. Overmore only aprox 10% files respond as access denied the majority of them are processed. 

Did anyone face with such behaviour? Is it possible that access denied can be caused by live snapmirroring activity (not in Idle state yet)? 



Somebody any clue why some file from mount cannot be accessed. Is there exist any "snapmirror lock" on file level during not Idle state? Is this a  storage related topic or should i aim for server/OS/TSM application layer?


Hi @Milkes


Why don't you guys go for flex clones on snapmirror destination. You can perform tests on flex clones.




For detailed procedure on How to use SnapMirror for disaster recovery refer below KB article,




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Our issue is not about disaster recovery via snapmirror. Our point is to mount volume from backup cluster (snapmirror destiantion volume) to backup AIX 6.1 server to perform some tests. BUt why are some files "permission denied" and the others not? Is there something like snamirror lock for files? (Like cannot be write by snapmirror and read/open in the same time). 


What are security settings (ntfs, unix)? What are unicode settings?


Security Style: unix
UNIX Permissions: ---rwxr-xr-x
Language: C.UTF-8


here is example:
ANS1228E Sending of object '/fsupdata-snap/fsupdata_ux_user_mirror/wbi/transfer/testcase_m292_intg1.tar' failed.
ANS4007E Error processing '/fsupdata-snap/fsupdata_ux_user_mirror/wbi/transfer/testcase_m292_intg1.tar': access to the object is denied
Normal File--> 24,10
tsm: AMS-TSML>$ cd /fsupdata-snap/fsupdata_ux_user_mirror/wbi/transfer/
$ ls -l testcase*
-rwxrwx--- 1 3065 31 20776960 Oct 30 2015 testcase_m292_intg1.tar

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