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7 mode homedir issue


Hello all,


I have in a 7 mode customer following issue;


They have defined quotas for AD users with CIFS shares to user self data. For normal users is defined 15 GB quotas and for admins 30 GB quotas. But over time, some users have space problems. They have enough space in Netapp share even then it seen by windows side no space. Also, when the users login to our windows machine their shares will appear full even if is not full and when the user click to that full(!) share,they see nothing. I attach a file,how it seem. 




Re: 7 mode homedir issue


What does the usage of the volume show on the filer?

Are there any snapshots that could be impacting the amount of free space?


How are the quotas managed, via the file on the filer?

Re: 7 mode homedir issue




The mentioned volume have enough space as well they are a lot of quotas and shares for users on the same volume and they work fine. They can copy,list the content or delete your file. This issue appear especially on some users but all configuration is same. In quotas tab on the GUI, this specific share seen full although is nothing on it.


I have already check the snapshots. They are no impact on it. I want to underline again, we have enough space on this volume.


I want to ask, Have I the opportunity the list share content from the filer maybe from systemshell or etc?




Re: 7 mode homedir issue


Hi @ckirim


If you want to see the content in the cifs share please follow the below steps on your ontap 7-mode CLI.


> priv set advanced

> ls /vol/volname/qtreename (Please use the path on which you have created a cifs share)


The above command will display you the content in the cifs share and you can able to see it from your ontap cli.

Re: 7 mode homedir issue


Check the permissions in windows. Something has changed. How do you manage permissions? Through windows or through NetApp?

Re: 7 mode homedir issue


I will check the permissions. It is through windows AD. One point is inexplicit by me;


I have a volume example /vol/volhome1 and I split it through quotas to small piece of volumes(or shares). With the feature home directories each user will correspond to your own directory. but How it works? how netapp do matching? by Active Directory name ?

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