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Filesystem alignment in RHEL with DataONTAP



I have a question about filesystem alignment.

For example, I have a NetApp storage and physical RHEL host. I would like to add a virtual disk from storage to server over FC SAN.

After creating and mapping a LUN on storage I see a new block device in Linux.

I would like to create a LVM2 volume on it and create ext4 filesystem.

Should I use pvcreate with        --dataalignmentoffset option?

Which sizes of physical extent should I use, while creating volume group to get better performance from storage array?

Which size should I put into blockdev --setbsz ? (default is 4096)

Should I create a lvm partition on raw device with fdisk and make physical volume on primary partition or use raw device to pvcreate?

Should I align partition with some sectors while creating in with fdisk?

Which sizes should I use for options stride and width_size in mkfs.ext4 ?


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