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vFiler migration


Hi All,

Am just trying to setup a simulator involving cluster ONTAP operating in 7 mode. This setup is mainly to setup DR and vfiler migration. Please assist me in my queries,

Can i have a similar ONTAP version in my cluster(meaning they have the same serial number), running in my VMware workstation on my Laptop with this  will I be able to setup vfiler migration from one filer to another?

I did try to migrate vfiler from the only controller and i get the below error,

vfiler migrate start -c secure -l root:******* vfiler2@SAFA

Local vfiler vfiler2 already exists.

When i removed the vfiler2 and then try to migrate i get the below

SAFA> vfiler migrate start -c secure -l root:******vfiler2@SAFA

Check if remote host is reachable or SSL is enabled on it.

If the command is still failing then check for proper login credentials.

Vfiler not found

Remote vfiler vfiler2 does not exist.

let me know if we require two controllers for migration or can it be done from a single hosting system




Re: vFiler migration


Hello Mohammad,

Vfiler migration should work. please make sure that the connection is ok between both filer.


Bhola Gond

Re: vFiler migration


all simulators have the same system ID, that's why vfiler migrate has an issue with it.

have alook at this to change one of the simulators serial and system ID:


Re: vFiler migration


Dominc Thanks,

This was really helpful, but i haven't tried to change the sys id, thanks for guiding me through this

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