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Not able to access a qtree in Linux box even MIXED mode authentication enabled


Hello all,


I have setup a simluator where i have shared a share to an Active directory user.The share is a qtree.I am able to access the share by the user i have specified on my windows XP box.But if i try to access that qtree in my Linux machine by mounting the volume i get permission denied error.I logged in as root in my Linux machine.The qtree which is inaccessible in Linux has been set 'MIXED' mode .

If i change it to UNIX mode i am able to access it in Linux machine.I believe if it is MIXED it should be allowed for both NTFS and UNIX mode.


My Share permission are as follows.


netapp> qtree


Volume     Tree          Style             Oplocks      Status


vol2           qtree2       mixed           enabled       normal



And my permissions to my share are as follows.



netapp> cifs shares


Name      Mount Point     Description


qtree2     /vol/vol2/qtree2

             AD\smith  / Full Control





Also i have another question on quotas.I have set up an active directory user and i want to impose quota restriction for that user on a qtree or volume basis.For now i went with setting up quota restriction for qtree1


S-1-5-21-27778-2222-23444                           user@/vol/vol1/qtree1                            1024k      -      512k     -       -   




netapp> cifs shares


Name      Mount Point     Description


qtree2     /vol/vol1/qtree1

             AD\geff  / Full Control



I want this user to be limited to 1MB size for the qtree (qtree1 ).


I have checked the quota status for the volume vol1 also i issued 'quota resize /vol/vol1/ '  whenever i make changes to the quotos file.




Small update .I can see that user \Admins usage is getting increased when i login as AD\geff user and create documents.AD\geff usage remains 0.Just wondering why its not taking geff into account.


Here it is


netapp> quota report -t


                                 K-Bytes                      Files

Type       ID    Volume    Tree       Used      Limit     T-hold   Used    Limit   Quota Specifier

----- -------- -------- -------- ---------       ---------   ----------  ------------   -------   --------  -----------------------

user    \geff        vol1     qtree1         0       1024        512          0           -         AD\geff

user      root      vol1        -              0         -            -             1            -

user  \Adminis   vol1        -         3596       -             -            7             -


I checked for this account


> cifs lookup adminis


lookup failed


Since domain was not there i tried with the storage name and administrator account


storage> cifs lookup storage\Administrator


SID = S-1-5-21-2104823214-874811194-1311268161-500


Let me know where i have done mistake.Thanks in advance.










Re: Not able to access a qtree in Linux box even MIXED mode authentication enabled



what is the o/p of exportfs and rdfile /etc/exports.



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