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Fix Burt 639665?

Dear NetApp Gurus,

One of my filer was hit hard by rt 639665 last night.

Would you be kind enough to share your idea to prevent this burt, even a work around before DOT 8.2 release?

Thanks in advance & looking forward to hear from you.



Re: Fix Burt 639665?


there is NO info about this burt. Did someone tell you that you ve been hit by this burt? Also, if there is no info about it its likely to be under investigation.

once there is more info you should be given a workaround, if there is one.


Re: Fix Burt 639665?

Yes Eric,

Scott Finberg

Technical Support Engineer III

Told me that the Burt will be fixed in DOT 8.2X2.

Any idea when this DOT 8.2X2 will be released?



Re: Fix Burt 639665?

What is a description of the issue since an internal bug?

Re: Fix Burt 639665?

Hi Scott,

The description:

PANIC : page fault (supervisor read, page not present) on VA 0x28 cs:rip = 0x8:0xffffffff83bb4d0a rflags = 0x10296

reference Burt 639665

Still trying to find a work around before DOT 8.2X2 release.



Re: Fix Burt 639665?

HP ----- Sorry to hear that your NetApp filer is "crying".  As you like to put it.  send me your contact info at michaelstoll@us.ibm.com

Re: Fix Burt 639665?

Any Ideas?

I have similar error:

Panic string: page fault (supervisor read, page not present) on VA 0x28 cs:rip = 0x8:0xffffffff843c34e3 rflags = 0x10246 in SK process SMBBlkWorker02 on release 8.1.3

Re: Fix Burt 639665?

I know this thread is old, but we've hit this BURT twice.  Each time when we've upgraded per NA it still bit us.  This was a big issue for us due to the total outage for the effected SVM.  The last time it hit us we were running DOT C-Mode 8.1.4P1.  We just upgraded to 8.2.1P2.  I'm curious if you're there now and have been monitoring the CLAM heartbeat since.  If so is it normal?

I'm twice bitten and very uneasy on it.  I hear more resiliency is even being put in 8.3 so maybe it is behind us. 

Last, did NA specifically provide a RCA on what actually caused the failed heartbeats?


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