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Using Backup Exec to backup to tape on cDOT.


Looking for some guidance around using Backup Exec to backup both SME and SMSQL snapshots to tape on Clustered Data ONTAP, anyone got any useful links or guides for me?



Catalogic DPX(previously Syncsort NSB) supports both node-scoped and vserver aware backups for cDOT. In Vserver aware clusters, DPX can be configured with a “logical” view of the system and provides immunity from resource movement that may occur within the cluster. Depending on your needs, DPX nodes may be defined for the “cluster” Vserver and/or the “data” Vservers.

For older ONTAP versions(8.1 or below), the snapshot extension support is unavailable for live browsing. But, Catalogic DPX allows you to type in the path that needs to be backed up - so that sub volume paths and objects can be granularly supported. With ONTAP 8.2, you can obviously browse volumes and setup backup in either mode.

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Verbatim from the Backup Exec 2014 HCL ~

So, the backup/restore procedure would be akin to NDMP operations to a single NetApp filer. I found a KB which is for BE 2010 - http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH49622

This is a similar process which should apply for later versions of BE as well. Are you using BE 2012 or BE 2014 ? I'll look around for a article for the appropriate version.


See my port here on Symantec's forums - today is a sad day for us



So, that means we cannot backup to tape from our single Snapvault filer if we are using Vservers?


Right now Symantec tell us that they know about the issue, and indeed there is no GUI method of selecting individual snapshots. They claim that NetApp has changed something in the API which they use in order to read the objects from the filer, which explains the behavior. We have been waiting for a few weeks now for a response on whether or not there is planned future support for this capability or not. They told us they are checking with their developers for this information, a process which so far has been long and arduous. I will try to keep you posted, if and when we get any further information.


Hi Israelmmi,

          Have you had any further success with BE2014 ? we were hoping to use BE 2014 to backup a snapmirror destination to tape but seeing your issue we are a tad worried.



So far we have a support case opened with Symantec for many days running now. The "directory browsing" functionality (if I may call it that) for cDOT volumes doesn't work. Another words, when connecting to the filer (successfully) and getting a list of the volumes present on that device, you cannot view the LUNs and/or snapshots stored on that volume. We have been able to manually insert the path to the snapshot we want to backup but we haven't been able to verify whether or not what we think we are backing up is really what we are backing up. In the debug logs we see errors regarding the directory browsing methods.

Symantec claims that the issue is that we are running 8.2.1 while in the support matrix is shows support for 8.2 only, but we have a feeling that the issue is a lack of support/testing for cDOT in general, even in 2014. If anyone is running 8.2 (or lower) and could test this out and let us know that would be great.


I have 8.2 DataOnTap Clustered with Storage Virtual Machines (SVM). There is a bug in 8.2 related to NDMP browsing that was “fixed” in 8.2.1 according to the bug list.

This is a CDOT problem. Tape backup on CDOT is very limited.

Before buying NetApp storage we tested against 8.1.3 7-mode DataOnTap and it worked perfectly with CA ArcServe Backup R16. I could backup NDMP by browsing and restore single file or folder to NDMP  with browsing or Windows cross platform. Under CDOT this does not work. I feel tricked.  I have a work around that allows specifying a folder for back up and I can perform single file restore to a manually typed location but browsing and cross platform support is gone.

I have been hunting for a better solution since 2013.

I tested BE2012 a few months ago and was considering testing BE2014 until I saw your post. When I tested BE2012 I could not browse the volume to back up a set of folders or snapshots. I was working with Symantec sales and had a sales engineer and they said NetBackup behaved the same way. Why would I buy something that can do no better than what I have?

I PoC’d the expensive CommVault Simpana 10 and it has support for SVMs via pass through. It cannot browse volumes for folder backup or restore destination. They said it will be added at some point. The subclient feature that allows specifying folders to backup felt very limiting. As the product sits today I cannot justify the cost.

Since NetApp SnapProtect is a subset of Simpana. I have not evaluated the product but I think it would behave the same as Simpana. I am still looking for the right solution.


We just started testing with BE 2014.

So far:

  1. Only node-scope backups are supported via NDMP, as BE isn't cluster aware. This is a biggee if you migrate aggregates between nodes.
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