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FlashPool creation - Different size SSD's




Currently running 8.2.3 7-Mode and have 6 x 100Gb SSD's and 4 x 200Gb's SSD's all set to SPARE at the moment.

I want create 2 seperate Flashpools as such, to maximize the SSD' capacity, rather than the 200's sizing down to 100's...


So, what I want to do is create:


1 x RAID-DP group of 6 x 100 SSD's

1 x RAID-DP group of 4 x 200 SSD's


I don't want to leave a spare SSD in either group.  If I try doing this via the GUI, the system always want to leave one of the 200's as a spare.  


I know the aggregate with need enabling as hybird mode.    I'm thinking I first need to create a RAID-DP group with the 4 x 200's with a RAID group size of 4.  Would it then be possible for me to create a seperate group, RAID size 6 for the remining 6 x 100 SSD's ?  Ultimately I want to get a combined SSD Flashpool capacity of 743Gb.




Re: FlashPool creation - Different size SSD's




Please refer Best Practice Recommendations and Interoperability on page 16 of  Flash Pool Design and Implementation Guide

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