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Flexgroup mount slow to advertise


Has anyone noticed from the time you mount a flexgroup and create a cifs share that it takes a long while before you can access it?


I created a test flexgroup, mounted it to a junction path, created a cifs share. Took over 30 mins before Windows would allow me to connect to the share.


Unmounted and remounted with a different junction path name and same thing again.


I have a 100gb flexgroup across two aggrs w/ default multiplier of 4. (12.5GB x 😎


Re: Flexgroup mount slow to advertise


Since I just asked NetApp recently what the catch was, I'll share the answer here.


If you're using load-sharing mirrors for your SVM root volume, you're probably waiting for the propogation.


SIgn on to your cluster and force a snapmirror update with:


cluster::>>  snapmirror update-ls-set -source-path <svm name>:<svm root volume>


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Re: Flexgroup mount slow to advertise

Thank you for the quick reply to this. You were spot on. For some reason our LS sync schedule for that SVM's root volumes was set to the default 1hr schedule.
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